Michael Rush
Michael Rush
Dip. Remedial Massage, B Rur. Sci. (Hons) ATMS 18435

I have been massaging in a clinic setting since 2004, when I joined the Armidale Healing Centre.  I decided to open my own clinic in 2009, and am the owner of Able Bodies.  I specialise in Deep Remedial, Sports massage, Trigger point & Myofacial release.  I am also Work Cover accredited (RMT 5499), and have sucessfully completed many return-to-work plans for a variety of workplace injuries.  I consider that the client is the focus of any treatment, and aim to tailor all treatments to the needs and requirements of the client.

Ann Rush
Ann Rush
Cert. Thai Foot Massage. Cert Hot Stone Massage

I have had 5 years experience doing Thai Foot Massage at Able Bodies. Thai foot Massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands on stretching, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body.

I also do Hot Stone Massage. This massage has some unique properties that make it an exceptionally beneficial resource for people looking to relieve the stresses of modern life, or even pain incurred from injuries. The benefits of hot stone massage can include: helping heightened circulation, enhancing mobility, cure insomnia, relaxing muscles, improved mental well-being and lower anxiety.
My aim is to use the techniques of Foot Massage and Hot Stone Massage together to provide wholistic treatment solutions for my clients, and so they will gain the benefits of those massages.

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Craig Hearps
Craig Hearps
Dip. Remedial Massage

Massaging professionally since 2008, I moved to Armidale from Byron Shire 2013 to complete a physics degree, completed 2016, all the whiles maintaining massage business. I have a Diploma Remedial Massage and am equally comfortable giving relaxing Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage or any combination thereof. I specialise in soothing flowing yet effective remedial/deep tissue massage.

Indication of my skills is reflected by John Douglas, owner of Kiva Spa, Byron Shire, noting that ‘... Craig receives the most requests from all of our 40 highly skilled therapists. Kiva Spa is known as the most popular Day Spa in Byron Shire, achieving the accolade of being in the top 10 Spas of Australia [Sunday Herald].’

(Excerpt from Kiva Spa reference 2012.)

Keith Hughes
Keith Hughes
B.Sci Health (Acupuncture)

Keith has a Bsc Health (Acupuncture) and has been practising for 16yrs. He specialises in pain management with acupuncture by utilizing Dr Tan’s Balance method. This is an amazing approach which can give pain relief in seconds without the need to ever needle the area where the problem is.

Keith also dispenses Chinese Herbs and western supplements. He has also been a level II Reiki practitioner for over thirty years.

Keith is a member of AACMA (Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association) and is a registered acupuncturist with the Australian National Board of Chinese Medicine.

Rebates available from your relevant Health Fund.


Pain Relief.

Gut issues.

Fertility & Pregnancy.

Gynae issues.

Mental health.

I aim to get to the essence of people’s health issues so they can lead healthier and happier lives

Leon van der Linde
Leon van der Linde
Masters in Counselling, Ph.D Psychology

Leon has been working as a psychologist in both organisational and clinical settings since he obtained an Honours degree in psychology in 1983. In 2003 he completed a Masters in Counselling offered by Edith Cowan University’s School of Psychology. The coursework of the degree included a strong focus on developmental (object relations/attachment) theory and brief or time-limited psychotherapy. He subsequently completed a Ph.D. in psychology, Western Sydney University. Leon has received training in a wide range of treatment approaches, including CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and schema therapy. Leon works therapeutically in an eclectic manner and is competent in treating clients with presentations ranging across the diagnostic spectrum.

Leon is the author of the book ‘A New Drive-Relational-Neuroscience Synthesis for Psychoanalysis’, details of which can be found here.

Amy Winrow
Lomi Lomi Level 2 Reiki First Degree Bachelor Media and Communications Grad Certificate Secondary Teaching Grad Cert Steiner Education Dip Organic Agriculture Dip Early Childhood Cert IV Permaculture Cert III Outdoor Recreation Cert IV Community Services

Aloha, My name is Amy Winrow I am pleased to be taking new clients on Mondays for Term 2 2021 at Able Bodies. I have always enjoyed using my hands to bring comfort and healing touch. In my family even as a child we often massaged each other while watching TV. It has always been a part of my life. I even massage my pets and as a mother I have been confident to comfort my children in many different healing modalities.

In 1998 I enrolled in Bachelor of Science but deferred this to have a family, in 2003/4 I studied Certificate IV Aromatherapy and my interest in biology and chemistry was rekindled. In 2005 I studied Reiki in the Usui Method of Natural Healing through Reiki Master Veronica Hammond. I became a Zenthai Shiatsu therapist in 2015 under the teaching of its creator Gwyn Williams, this is a fusion of Thai massage, Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese medicine, Osteopathy, Ayurveda and something all of its own. It is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor, which makes it very versatile. Find out more here

In 2018/9 I completed Level 2 Kahuna Bodywork through The Australian College of Kahuna Sciences in the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’I who invented it as a way to keep Traditional Hawaiian Kahuna Spiritual teachings and Healing alive. In 2019 I attended the 7th Bi-Annual Gathering of The Four Winds Peace Conference at Kupidabin near Mt Samson in Queensland, here I learnt much about First Nation’s cultural understandings, Dance, Music, Hula, Healing and Way of Life. This is where I first met Kumu Pa'a Kawika Foster, a 51st Generation Traditional Cultural Practitioner of his Hawaiian Ancestry and began my Lomi Lomi journey. I participated in a number of Ho'oponopono healing sessions which literally translates to ‘making it very, very right’. These assist us in making our relationships with Ohana- Family, right. But this extends beyond the common understanding of the word ‘family’. All things in the universe interact with us and can be seen as family, even our emotions and a pebble on the path. Traditionally for true Hawaiian healing you go through this forgiveness ceremony and then receive Lomi Lomi. I have completed Mana Ola, Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings and Practices training with Kawika . Where he taught me the importance of communicating with higher and larger forces that are at work during Healing. I am now at Level 2 of my Lomi Lomi training.

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

My Teachers

If you want to discover more about traditional Hawaiian understandings you can find videos here

Wendy Rixon
Wendy Rixon
Remedial Massage Cert 4 Counselling and Psychology

As a young person my interests were in living a healthy, natural lifestyle, singing, bushwalking, swimming and yoga, with a vegetarian Diet. I enjoyed growing and eating organic food. I Studied voice and music with The Queensland Academy of Music. Then joined The Brisbane light opera company and then the Brisbane Chorale. I also began my studies in Philosophy with The Lectorium Rosicrucianum.

My interest in Health took me to the Australian Institute of Applied Science where I studied Naturopathy. Modalities included Swedish, Sports and Remedial Massage, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Counselling, Psychology, Chemistry and Business Management.

I managed my own mobile massage business for several years and I also worked at Angourie resort where I gained experience in the day spa doing Indian head massage, facials and seaweed Body wraps as well as massage.

I then became involved in working with young people and gained a lot of experience in community services. I have cert4 in Community services and a mental health first aid certificate. I chose to further rehabilitate young people using music, yoga, diet, homeopathy and flower essences. I outsourced some of these. I did drama and singing workshops. I also became a member of the Riversong accapella group and celtic folk groups.

It was necessary after some time to return to the garden so I studied Certificate 3 in Horticulture and became better at plant id and organic growing. After the bushfires, covid pandemic and Floods I came to live in Guyra. Focusing on fitness and a healthy lifestyle is always my goal. I am currently studying Herbal medicine at switchonhealth.